Wireless-Charging Trousers

Nokia, in collaboration with British designer A. Sauvage, just dreamed up a pair of wireless charging trousers that will juice up your phone when it’s in one of the pockets. The pants are part of A. Sauvage’s new ‘Modern Man’ collection and we can’t think of anything more modern than being able to charge your phone on the go while walking. This incredible piece of wearable technology is made possible with the help of induction charging and Nokia’ wireless charging plate, which was integrated into the very fabric of the pants. The idea seems practical, yet who really feels comfortable with wireless power transfer next to their crotch?

Nokia has been working hard on developing wireless charging devices and is the maker of the DC-50 wireless charging plate. The plate acts like an auxiliary battery that can be carried with you. Set a Lumia phone on top of it to charge the phone and when the plate runs out of juice, you simply plug it in via a USB cord to an outlet. Induction technology allows for the power transfer from the plate to the phone.

Utilizing this charging plate, A. Sauvage took the charging plate apart and integrated the parts and pieces into a pair of their tailored pants. Slide the Lumia phone into one of the pockets and the pants will charge the phone. Granted, the wireless charger will run out of juice, so the pants will have to be plugged in at some point, but overall the concept is quite forward thinking, as long as you’re not concerned of the effects of induction so close to your private bits.

Source: ecouterre.comAdded: 24 June 2014