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Robotic Parking System

Trying to catch a flight on time becomes an issue when you end up circling the supposed ‘park and go’ garage, trying to find vacancy. Passengers at Düsseldorf Airport in Germany no longer need to stress over this, thanks to the installation of ‘RAY’. The robotic transport system scans your vehicle’s size, detects obstacles it may face on its way, and then adjusts its forklift style method to gently lift and carry your car over to the space saving spot that has been assigned according to measurements it has taken of your car. What makes ‘RAY’ even smarter, is that it connects to the flight database, so it knows when you will be returning from your trip and picking up your automobile. you even have the option of telling it that you will need to retrieve your baggage first and will require a few more minutes; and if your travel plans change, you can easily relay your updated info to ‘RAY’ through a linked app.

Designed by Bavarian start-up company serva, ‘RAY’ been conceived to be flexible and agile – it can turn on the spot and park sideways – making it easy to install into any existing parking station. Rather than needing a typical 6 meter lane, the system requires only 3 meters to manoeuvre, as it eliminates the space necessary for opening your doors and comfortably entering and exiting your automobile. A forklift-like machine gently lifts and transfers your car to its designated parking space. In addition, ‘RAY’ seeks to defy the often under-lit garages through its parking portals which are are open and outfitted with smooth lighting that is easy to understand, and provides guidance as to the location of your vehicle.

Source: designboom.comAdded: 3 July 2014