Photo-Printing Instant Camera Smartphone Case

Photo-Printing Instant Camera Smartphone Case

French startup Prynt has created a smartphone case that will turn any iPhone or Android phone into a nifty instant camera.

Their latest prototype smartphone case contains a built-in printer for users to instantly produce a print copy of the photo they have just taken. However, the current model can only hold one photo paper at a time and takes 50 seconds to complete the printing. The consumer version —set to be launched on Kickstarter in early 2015— on the other hand, would be able to hold up to 30 sheets of paper, and would take only 30 seconds to produce a print copy.

Another unique feature of the Prynt case is that it comes with an augmented reality feature that would allow it to record a short video of the moments before the photo was taken—this would then be uploaded onto the Cloud. When the printed photo is held up to the camera within the accompanying app, a video would be shown in place of the picture.

Source: designtaxi.comAdded: 17 November 2014

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