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System That Projects Materials Onto Furniture

System That Projects Materials Onto Furniture

One of the frustrating elements of furniture buying is getting just the right fabric and material combination you want. Or maybe you don’t really know what you want but beige isn’t it. Typically, a salesperson or design assistant presents a giant bundle of fabric swatches usually each the size of a napkin and commences scattering them across the piece you are interested in. This is supposed to enable you to imagine how that 4″x4″ swatch of lime green will look covering an 8′ long couch. Maybe great, maybe a mistake you’ll live with for a long time.

Luxury furniture brand Ligne Roset has partnered with a tech startup Vizera Labs to devise a system to visualize numerous fabric and material options on actual pieces of furniture without stocking all the products on a showroom floor. PSFK received a demo of the system recently at a Ligne Roset showroom in NYC which aims to make customizing furniture a less risky and stressful process for customers.

Vizera Labs started by digitizing all of Ligne Roset’s upholstery and finish options individually along with 3D scans of each of their furniture pieces. An infrared sensor detects a piece of Ligne Roset furniture constructs a real time digital 3D model based on the prior scan. The fabric and material options are then mapped to this model and projected on the “furniture in white” piece. The advantage of the system is that the furniture piece can be moved or turned and the computer will regenerate a new projection to fit the new orientation.

Source: psfk.comAdded: 24 November 2014