Modular Lighting System

American firm Choi + Shine Architects has created tube-shaped lighting modules that assemble into three-dimensional arrangements using magnets. They designed the Bit Light system so that users can easily increase or decrease the amount of illumination produced by adding or removing modules, without having to change the fixture.

"Unlike conventional lighting, the design consists of low-voltage lighting modules that can be interconnected into variable forms, while providing general illumination. We think it is unique, attractive and useful as it provides a new (and fun) way of altering the illumination level within a space."

The modules, or "Bits", contain LEDs that run in a strip through the middle of the translucent polycarbonate tubes, between magnetic conductors hidden beneath caps at each end. These can be linked by multi-directional connectors with nickel-plated steel casings, which also have a magnetic conductor in each square arm.

Source: dezeen.comAdded: 16 December 2014