Non-Invasive Device To Stop Snoring

We've certainly seen a number of snoring remedies over the years, ranging from shock therapy to wearables to robotic bears. If you'd like to keep using your regular pillow in your regular bed without being zapped, however, then Nora might be more to your liking.

The Nora system consists of a smooth "pebble-shaped" wireless mic that sits on your bedside table, a mini pump that's located beneath the bed, and a hose-connected flat rectangular padded bladder that's inserted between your pillow and pillow case.

When the mic detects the sound of snoring, it activates the pump. It, in turn, quietly inflates the bladder. This causes your head to subtly change position, which stimulates and thus tightens your upper throat muscles – it is these muscles that typically cause snoring when they relax, collapse and constrict your airways.

As a result of those muscles firming back up, you reportedly stop snoring, without awakening.

Of course, Nora still can't stop you from starting to snore in the first place. If you're curious to see how you're doing on that front, a companion iOS app will show you how you slept (and how noisy you were) over the course of the previous night, and how that changes over time.

Source: gizmag.comAdded: 19 October 2015

Tags: gadgets