Moldable Plastic Offers Quick Fixes

The pocket-sized, bioplastic FORMcard can be softened in hot water to create a malleable plastic that will harden to create a quick fix in emergency situations.

The FORMcards are made up of a non-toxic, starch-based bioplastic that will soften quickly when placed in a cup of hot water. The material will stick to plastic when hot, offering a quick fix for broken tools—especially when there is not enough surface area for glue to do the job. Aside from fixing tools, the FORMcards can also be softened and shaped into bespoke stands for smartphones, cameras, or other small devices.

The FORMcards were specifically designed to be small enough to store in a wallet as well as fit in a standard cup, and the material can be softened and used again.

Source: ideaconnection.comAdded: 16 November 2015