Glue Bonds Metal At Room Temperature

Glue Bonds Metal At Room Temperature

The MesoGlue can bond metal to metal without heat, eliminating the risk of damage from soldering or welding materials togheter.

Created by a team from Northeastern University, the MesoGlue consists of nanorods with a metal core, which have been coated with either indium or gallium. To use the glue, one surface of the material to be bonded is coated with the indium rods, while the other material surface is coated with the gallium rods.

When these rods are then brought into contact, their “teeth” interlace, causing the iridium and gallium to form a liquid that transforms to a solid when it touches the metal core of the rods. The result is a powerful adhesive as strong and conductive as a metal bond, but accomplished at room temperature.

Source: ideaconnection.comAdded: 14 January 2016

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