Saferails: A great idea to help cyclists and streetcars share the road more safely

Elastic Profile Makes Railroad Safe For Cyclists

SafeRails focusses on developing a profile which can be implemented in existing tramrails’ gutters. The profile will support a parallel cycling bicycle wheel, however it will also let a tram wheel pass without hindrance by deforming elastically. The key-element in this innovation is its simplicity which makes it easy to produce in large lengths.

Due to the elastic and geometric properties of the product, the profile will compress with a passing tram. However, the SafeRail is engineered in such a way that it will support a bicycle wheel without any trouble!

Such a simple and logical solution. It doesn’t have to be used everywhere, but at busy intersections or those tight spots where cyclists are often forced onto tracks, this could prevent a lot of spills.

Source: treehugger.comAdded: 5 January 2017