EarthFirst tyre recycling

A new proprietary tire processing system holds the promise ofeffectively recycling this vast resource, producing usable energy and abroad range of valuable products, including steel, carbon, oil and ahigh energy gas. EarthFirst burns tires in a vacuum at a third of the typical pyrolysistemperature, preserving tire components and satisfying even thestrictest emissions regulations. Remarkably, the process can recoverthe following from each one typical 20-pound passenger tyre: eightpounds of carbon, one gallon of oil, two pounds of steel and 30 cubicfeet of combustible gas.Atypical EarthFirst plant uses a proprietary catalyst to convert tiresat rapid rates and is designed to handle 48 tons per day (4,800 tires).Which is approximately 12 MILLION tires or 120,000 tons per year.

Source: 21 July 2006