Dual output compressors

Atlas Copco has introduced the GN range of dual output compressors that generate nitrogen and compressed air simultaneously.

The use of nitrogen to inflate tires is becoming more popular in tire shops and car dealerships. Until now supplying nitrogen has required either cylinders that need to be refilled regularly, or a separate, freestanding membrane unit that requires space and additional installation. In either case the result is sub-optimal performance.

With the GN range Atlas Copco is offering its customers a new choice. Atlas Copco is first to introduce dual output from a single compressor unit, bringing nitrogen and compressed air simultaneously to the modern tire shop.

Each GN dual output compressor system uses an Atlas Copco screw compressor, tank-mounted with integrated refrigerant dryer. The dryer eliminates moisture, reducing wear and corrosion in pipelines, receiver and tools. The dry and compressed air is stored in the air receiver from which the first output services pneumatic tools.

Source: atlascopco.comAdded: 28 April 2006