Surviving hard hits

A new polymer padding can instantly change from acting like a liquid to acting like a solid. SMARTPAD is made of a semi-liquid plastic, and is designed for protection in contact sports, motor sports and industrial applications. The padding will conform to any body, offering full support and cushioning when not in motion. But it will change its characteristics and act like a solid whenever energy is applied, in order to dissipate shock or vibration.NEW PAD BENEFITS:
Padding helps absorb and dissipate this energy when the impact hits. SMARTPAD dissipates more of this extra energy than standard foams, and is 50-percent lighter than traditional gels used in sports padding. The polymers will never break down, dry out, freeze, or melt, and they are non-toxic. The padding offers athletes free range of motion, and can be custom engineering for specific sports or other applications.

Source: ivanhoe.comAdded: 17 November 2006