Sheila's Wheels, a U.K. insurer that specializes in automobile insurance for women, announced the launch of the world's first female-friendly seatbelt. The bulletin notes that top engineers have designed a new device that prevents the belt strap causing discomfort across the chest and aims to get more female drivers buckling up." Sheila's Wheels said its research on the subject revealed that it shouldn't be a case of one size fits all when it comes to seatbelts. One in five women complained of discomfort across the chest when they were buckled-up - especially those with larger breasts." The bulletin described this technological breakthrough as the S-Clip: a simple device that changes the route of the belt to take it down the middle of the chest - directly between the cleavage - instead of cutting across the breasts. This adjustment minimizes flattening of the chest and rubbing on the neck. A crash test has verified the new seatbelt's safety features. Lisa Bingley, project engineer at MIRA explained: Women come in all shapes and sizes and it's great that seatbelt comfort can now be seen in a similar way to a bra or a dress fitting. We hope this device aids women to wear their seatbelt in the correct manner in more comfort.

Source: lexispr.comAdded: 5 December 2006