Instead of using poison to get rid of moles, which is time consuming and probably has some adverse health effects, you can use the new Supersonic Molechaser stakes to get rid of those moles without any effort from yourself. Once those stakes are put into the ground they go completely into the ground, which means no tripping over them and it doesn't mess up lawn mowing you're done. Batteries will last up to a year in Long Life mode, but other settings, like the Super mode for heavily infested yards, will diminish battery life. However, changing the batteries isn't that hard, the pull-up battery compartment lets you change the batteries without ever pulling the actual stake up. All that battery juice powers the 300mhz signal the stakes sends out every 15 seconds. This signal is enough to scare away those pesky moles but wonât bother you or your pets. Don't worry about having to buy 20 of these stakes to cover your yard, each stake will de-mole just over a quarter acre of land.

Source: sharperimage.comAdded: 5 January 2007