Tape dispenser shaped like a person

Mr P Tape Dispenser looks little weird, but cute. It's the kind tape dispenser that is in the shape of a little green man, who is having his long tongue (the tape) “leaking” his toes. Mr P Tape Dispenser comes in four options of colors, which are black, white, blue and green, which you can choose to match your desk color. Of course, Mr P is no high-tech gadget, but its odd but cute looking could spice up your boring desk. Perhaps, once you've got too much stress with your work, have a look at Mr P, its weird look mostly could lead you to a big laugh that would take away your stress. I'd suggest to get the green one as green could bring some kind of relaxation to your eyes after couple of hours on computer screen.

Source: techchee.comAdded: 6 June 2006