Asymmetric passenger/performance tire

The biggest reason for the PARADA Spec-2's enhanced performance is itshigh grip, silica-reinforced tread compound. This new tread compound ismolded into an asymmetric, ultra-low void outer shoulder tread designthat uses large tread blocks to provide rubber-to-road contact thatreduces tread squirm thus enhancing response and dry road corneringcontrol. Massive diagonal tread blocks reach across the tire'sfootprint to further increase cornering stability and dry roadtraction. A solitary, ultra-wide Circumferential Groove helps waterflow through the tire while long, helical grooves evacuate water fromunder the tire's footprint to increase driving confidence in wetconditions. Internally, twin steel belts are reinforced byspirally-wound nylon strips to provide long-term durability under highspeed conditions while reducing weight and providing a more uniformride quality.

Source: tirerack.comAdded: 5 January 2007

Tags: automotive