A biodegradeable material produced from hemp and other plant fibres has been produced

Plastic from plants

A unique and new biodegradable material produced from hemp and other plant fibers is being produced in Australia. A significant move forward for the hemp and sustainability industry has just taken place. It offers you a new high strength, high performance, which cares for the environment and your bottom line. Zelfo is a solid wood-like and mouldable material made from natural fibres, recycled paper or other cellulose raw materials. Zelfo is a strong, light 'plastic from plants' produced by means of a sustainable process. In the quiet town of Byron Bay, NSW, Australia, it was agreed to create the world's foremost factory for commercial production of Zelfo products. Zelfo is a new material that uses just plants - no glues, no resins or toxic materials of any form in any part of production.The Zelfo process is a solution to 'green' versions of eco-homeware, eco-lighting, eco-musical instruments, eco-jewellery, eco-coffins and other environmentally friendly products. The possibilities are endless.

Source: azom.comAdded: 9 January 2007