LED light bulbs

The light bulb is often used in cartoons to depict the formation of agreat idea. We think that building LEDs into a bulb that can be screwedinto a standard 120V light socket is a great idea. These LED LightBulbs come in three different sizes with an output up to 120 Lumens.The bulbs are also long-life and low power consumption.

LED Light Bulbs also have these great features.
  • Long life - up to 10 years
  • Low power consumption (about 1/30th of a standard bulb)
  • Output: Vivid (31 Lumens), Vivid Plus (60 Lumens), Spotlight (120 Lumens)
  • Great in a directional lamp for reading, mood or porch light
  • These bulbs are generally not intended as a completereplacement for incandescents - these bulbs are lower output but morefocused
  • 120V bulbs
  • Two-year warranty

Source: thinkgeek.comAdded: 8 February 2007