The Atlas Rope Ascender enables "reverse rappelling" up buildings and other vertical surfaces

Atlas Rope Ascender

The Atlas Rope Ascender is a remarkable new tool that enables "reverse rappelling" up buildings and other vertical surfaces at unprecedented speeds. The device, which is the size of a hand-held power tool, can lift a 250-pound load more than 600 feet into the air at nearly 10 ft/sec, all on a single battery charge.

Using a patented rope interaction design, the Rope Ascender can pull a fully-loaded soldier up a rappelling line, tow vehicles and even remotely move equipment and casualties. Giving soldiers the ability to scale a building or cliff in only seconds is obviously a capability designed perfectly for Special Opps, and will also find application with the police, fire, rescue and many other endeavours.

A fully loaded firefighter could use the Ascender to reach the top of a 30-story building in only 30 seconds, compared to the six minutes or more it often takes to trudge up stairs with 80 to 100 pounds of equipment: just think of all the ways this high-torque pocket power pack can be used.

Source: atlasdevices.comAdded: 28 February 2007