Digital colour x-rays

The advantages of colour x-rays may not be immediately obvious but thedevelopments in this field led by researchers at Mid Sweden Universitypromise some exciting new possibilities for medical diagnoses muchsmaller x-rays doses for patients, much higher resolution and theability to detect tumors at a much earlier stage. Digital color x-raysare based on the same advanced technology that is used when nuclearphysicists look for new elementary particles. The greatest scientificchallenge in constructing a color x-ray camera is to be able to shrinkthe large-scale detection equipment used by nuclear physicists to themicroscopic format. The readout electronics for each pixel in thecamera’s picture sensor must be squeezed into an area of 55 x 55 µm,and what’s more be x-ray safe.

Source: gizmag.comAdded: 27 June 2007