Multicoloured ring flash

One of the (many) problems with flash photography is that most of thetime, a flash is a monodirectional light source that creates unnaturalshadows and glare, especially with close-ups. To help mitigate thisproblem, you might want to attach four different flashes around yourcamera. And once you've done that, why not go crazy and add a bunch ofcolour filters? That sort of philosophy is what Lomographyis all about, although they seem to put particular emphasis on the "gocrazy" part. The Lomography Ringflash slips around the outside of yourcamera lens, and its four individual flash bulbs will fire along withyour onboard flash or hotshoe. You can add gel filters of variouscolors to the flash ring to create some pretty nifty effects.

Source: shop.lomography.comAdded: 19 July 2007