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AHKY wrist worn translation device

The translation device is the brainchild ofIraqi-born University of Derby student, Amin Ismail, who has beendeveloping the idea. He believes it could help protect British soldiersas well as the civilian population in Iraq.

Amin's idea is to produce a verbal translator device, worn like awristwatch, to help soldiers and civilians interpret key phrases in warsituations - and save lives in the process. The concept, entitled "Ahky" is the Arabic translation for 'Speak' in English.

Amin conducted research with the British Army and Iraqi citizens todevelop the voice-activated device, which will translate English wordsand phrases into Arabic language and possibly vice versa, in real time.

During various informal interviews with the soldiers they were ableto offer him some useful advice about how the device could be adaptedand which situation it would best suit, such as 'Home Searches' and'Check Points'. Now Amin needs support to put his idea into reality andis looking for a company to help him turn his design into a workingprototype.

Source: mod.ukAdded: 30 August 2007