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Brain-boosting fragrant pencil lead

Wake up and smell the pencil lead, says Japanese stationery andwriting instrument manufacturer Pentel, who has combined the power ofnanotechnology with the knowledge of expert aromatherapists to developa new type of fragrant pencil lead. Featuring a long-lasting aromadesigned to enhance mental capacity, the pencil lead - called "Ainsupplio" - recently won the coveted Stationery of the Year Award (2007).

Unlike previous types of fragrant lead, which use weak aromaticsurface coatings that tend to lose their smell quickly, Ain suppliorelies on fragrant ingredients trapped in nanocapsules, or tiny airbubbles, which are infused into the lead itself. The microscopic sizeof the nanocapsules gives them extra strength to hold their fragrancefor long periods of time, about 3 years, if kept in the unopenedpackage, 2 years if kept in their plastic case, and more than 3 monthsout in the open air.

Source: pinktentacle.comAdded: 17 September 2007