The depth of designer Kazuko Akamatsu's Lumi-Line tabletop is only 1/8inches (.3 centimeters), thanks to engineering ingenuity and asynergistic combination of materials. Akamatsu adhered bundledfiberglass threads to a nonstructural, translucent plastic sheet with atranslucent liquid glue. The pattern of the reinforcing "strings" isnot random, but rather the result of a structural study to determinehow to construct the thinnest tabletop possible. The table surface,reinforcing, and legs all act together as one system in order to resistloads and allow the legs to be placed away from "expected" locations.

WhileLumi-Line allows light to pass through its milky surface by day, itassumes an entirely different character at night. Akamatsu imbued thefiber strands with phosphorescence, thus rendering the strings as sharpglowing lines floating midair in the dark.

Source: transmaterial.netAdded: 23 April 2008