ProActive smart safety helmet

A young industrial designer has created a newtype of safety helmet for the construction industry that is a littlesmarter than most. The "ProActive" helmet features a flexible innerlayer that remains soft and comfortable during normal use, butimmediately becomes hard and shock-absorbent when subjected to impact.

In addition to the added safety function, theProActive helmet is also unique in shape. The designer of the helmet,Tore Christian Bjørsvik Storholmen, says his motivation was the factthat as far as appearance is concerned, safety helmets have not alteredmuch in the course of the past 30 years. "The shape of my concept wasinspired by the baseball cap which has long been popular headgear inthe construction industry", he said. Storholmen was driven to createsomething comfortable that would encourage workers to wear their safetygear.

The inside of the helmet is lined with soft,flexible material that has the ability to turn rock hard upon impact. "The material on the inside makes my helmet more comfortable ineveryday use, and at the same time, safer than traditional models,"says Storholmen.

Source: gizmag.comAdded: 11 June 2008