Sensitile Terrazzo and Scintilla are materials that manipulate light to respond to movement, shadow and color. Composed of two parts light-conducting channels and a slab within which the light channels are embedded Sensitile uses fiber-optic principles of total-internal reflection to transmit oncoming light and shadow from one point to another, creating a rich, glittering, unexpected surface.

Sensitile Terrazzo and Scintilla materials reconfigure lights and shadows that fall on their surface or redirect and scatter any oncoming light. In an environment with ambient light (or daylight), any movement around the material which creates shadows produces a set of ripples of light on the material's surface. In a darker environment (or at night) any strong beam of light falling on a Sensitile surface is directed to emerge from another part of its surface, producing a more pronounced shimmering effect.

Source: sensitile.comAdded: 26 June 2008