TOTEM shower system is colorful and customizable

White marble flooring, white bathroom accessories and even a white shower system. Looks clean and elegant, you think? We think it looks boring. W.O.W (Why Only White, for the uninitiated) TOTEM is something that you could buy in order to add a dash of color and bring life into your boring, squeaky-clean white bathroom. The coolest feature is the chameleon like quality of the shower system which can change its designs and colors according to your moods. If you are in one of those weird moods you can turn on the shower and confuse yourself with the array of colors on the shower system. The company offers to customize your shower system periodically to reflect latest trends, designs and of course your mental state. W.O.W TOTEM comes in 6 different formats with many cool features such as water nozzles, waterfall stream etc. Whoever could think bathroom facilities could be so fun and colorful, yet functional and utilitarian at the same time!

Source: bornrich.orgAdded: 11 August 2008