Sqish: the camouflaged satellite dish

Maybe satellite dishes were some kind of status symbol Blinged-Out-Gadgets , but now that the novelty has worn off they just look like big and ugly hunks of metal on your roof. The Sqish, a rectangular wall-mounted dish, has circumvented this problem in an unusual way. When you order your dish, you send in a picture of your wall, and they send you a "squishoflage" sticker to cover the offending protuberance.

The UV-stable, matt finish squishoflage sticker costs an extra £25, over the £149 unit price. The 48cm by 26cm plastic unit is just 7cm deep, and can receive Sky and Freesat in the UK. It's mounted on a multipurpose bracket that allows 90 degree clearance, and the Sqish team are currently developing a bracket that fits the unit even close to the wall.

OK so it's not exactly invisible, but the Squish is certainly useful for homes in conservation areas and listed buildings, where tight regulations restrict the choice of sat receivers. Its plastic make-up also makes it good for coastal areas, where metal dishes are corroded by the sea breeze. It may well appeal to those who want access to decent television without the "dish stigma" associated with the less discreet options.

Source: gizmag.comAdded: 11 August 2008