Wireless charging

eCoupled™ technology is real, intelligent wireless power. It is the next generation of power delivery worldwide. It is intelligence that moves technology beyond traditional constraints of inductive coupling and wireless power into the next realm.

By leveraging the physics of near-field inductive coupling and combining it with communications and control properties - made available by microprocessor technology - Fulton Innovation builds its advanced intelligence solutions and proprietary algorithms, which are the keys to eCoupled technology and real wireless power.

Power is a current which takes the path of least resistance when broadcast across an open space - unless it is controlled. Traditional power cords serve as physical channels for power to travel through, controlling the path of the energy. eCoupled technology eliminates the need for power cords by creating an electromagnetic conduit combined with an intelligent control system that constantly monitors the power flow to insure optimal efficiency and safety.

Source: ecoupled.comAdded: 4 February 2009