New Retinal Imaging System EasyScan Does Not Require Pupil Dilatation

i-Optics from The Hague, The Netherands, developed a new retinal imaging system that uses scanning laser ophthalmoscope technology to detect early eye pathology like diabetic retinopathy. This technology provides a better contrast than regular fundus cameras and can penetrate media opacities such as cataract and corneal irregularities. Pupil dilation is not required, as the device images through pupils as small as 2 mm. The technology seems to offer lots of benefits for patients: it reduces waiting time prior to the exam and they don’t have to recover from blurred vision before driving home.

The device, called EasyScan, uses a narrow laser beam to scan the surface of the retina. A detector captures the reflected light and creates a real-time image on the monitor.  It supports three imaging modalities: green (532 nm), near infrared (785 nm), and those two combined.

Source: medgadget.comAdded: 7 October 2011