Flexible drill bit does not break easily

Flexible drill bit

With the new products CrazyDrill Flex and CrazyDrill Flexpilot Mikron Tool presents a world premiere. CrazyDrill Flexpilot is used for a precise center hole, while the deep hole is performed with CrazyDrill Flex.

The micro drill product range (Ø 0.1 mm – 1.2 mm), made from newly developed high-grade carbide alloy is due to its particular geometry extremely flexible and thus does not brake easily with application of limited lateral forces. This is a big advantage in case of alignment errors which have to be absorbed by the drill without reducing its service life.

Deep holes Beside from the above, the flexible shank expansion guarantees not only elasticity, but due to a particular cutting geometry and the carbide alloy with optimized mechanical characteristics also deep hole drilling up to 30 x d can be carried out.

Source: mikron.comAdded: 24 January 2012