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Free Induction Cooktop

Free Induction Cooktop

Get ready to enjoy maximum freedom in the kitchen. Full surface induction technology lets you arrange up to four cookware pieces at any one time without restricted or predefined cooking zones. Innovative surface induction automatically detects the size, shape and position of each item – cooking has never been so free.

The new micro module technology beneath the ceramic glass surface is made up of 48 inductors providing full surface induction cooking. Using magnetism, only those inductors with cookware on them are activated and these interconnect to form a single controllable unit. Even if you do rearrange your cookware at any time, the innovative inductors detect this and react immediately.

The user friendly, full colour TFT touchscreen interface detects the size, shape and position of each piece of cookware and displays the cooking status and relevant program information throughout the entire cooking process. If you need to move your cookware around, the power transfer settings technology will automatically detect the shift of the cookware including the power and timer settings. The clever TFT touch controls gives you the option to transfer the settings or start again. What's more, whenever you move your cookware it's location on the cooktop will be captured on the display.

Source: siemens-home.com.auAdded: 13 January 2014