Machine That Turns Water Into Wine

Machine That Turns Water Into Wine

Tired of clogging up your bath with rotten fruit trying to make prison hooch? Too cheap to spend the pounds that supermarkets demand for brand-name alcohol? Well, one Silicon Valley start-up has the solution: it’s The Miracle Machine, “the world’s first accelerated winemaking device for the home”.

The Miracle Machine looks like a cross between a fancy water jug and a cafeteria, complete with plunger and various internal chambers.

Would-be vintners simply drop in the right ingredients, select a fermentation schedule via the paired smartphone app and then sit back, waiting for their water to turn into wine.

The inventors behind the Miracle Machine are Kevin Boyer (a recognised sommelier) and Philip James (the CEO of online wine club Lot18), who say that they came up with the idea for the product – as you’d expect – over a drink or two.

Boyer and James claim that the finished product “rivals some of the best wines on the planet, at a fraction of the cost and in a hundredth of the time it would usually take” and the pair are currently looking for funding to start a first production run of 2,000 units.

Source: 6 March 2014