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Edible-ingredient film

MonoSol LLC, the world leader in developing and commercializing specialty water soluble films, introduces its new F-100 Edible-Ingredient Film. Made from FDA-approved ingredients, MonoSol engineered the new water-soluble Edible Film specifically for unit-dose packaging of dry ingredients used in mixing and batching operations within the food processing industry.

Industrial applications for the F-100 Edible-Ingredient Film include packaging flavors, colorants/dyes, enzymes, vitamin fortifiers, conditioners, yeasts and more. Consumer applications are currently being developed.

Food ingredients packaged in pouches made of MonoSol's new Edible Film offer bakers and other food processors the convenience of using pre-measured quantities in mixing and batching operations, which saves production time and processing costs. In addition, these pre-measured units also improve the accuracy of the mixing operation, which helps food processors produce product of consistent quality. Furthermore, controlling dust in mixing operations enhances worker safety and reduces cleanup requirements.

Made from edible cellulose polymers, MonoSol's F-100 Edible Film dissolves completely in cold water. The film can be converted into bags or wrappers on most conventional packaging machines.

Source: monosol.comAdded: 3 November 2006