Facilitating kidpreneurs

Dutch Postbank, part of the ING Group, recently started a campaign aimed at budding entrepreneurs. Children who open an Easy Blue account receive a briefcase containing materials for printing their own t-shirts (aka bizznizz attire), stickers, letterhead, flyers, and business cards. To get started, the young business person logs on to bizznizz.postbank.nl and decides what type of business he or she would like to run. Postbank suggests washing cars, walking dogs, household chores and mowing lawns, as well as an intriguing 'entertainment' category.Then it's time to pick a name, create a logo using an online design wizard, print promotional material and start advertising: throwing flyers through as many neighbourhood mailboxes as possible. Once a client has been secured and the first job completed, the kidpreneur can log back on to the website to print an invoice, and have the client transfer the carwashing fee to their bank account.Although we hardly want to promote child labour, it can't hurt to nurture young people's inner entrepreneurs, teaching them about money, responsibility and the ABCs of doing business (including non-profit ventures). It'll keep 'em busy during those long summer holidays, too. ;-) Which bank/financial institution outside the Netherlands to follow?

Source: bizznizz.postbank.nlAdded: 22 February 2007