Lava Bar

The Lava Bar is a flexible film, foil-lined squeezable pouch containing 2.5 oz. (approx. 70 grams) of gourmet, molten Lava Chocolate. A perforation at the top of the pouch enables chocolate lovers to easily tear open the Lava Bar and squeeze the molten Lava Chocolate right into their mouths.

This is not chocolate syrup! The Lava Bar is thick and rich, with a consistency similar to a chocolate ganache or frosting at room temperatures.The Lava Bar is the take anywhere, no mess gourmet chocolate sensation. It's ideal for picnics, the beach, boating, camping (for s'mores), hunting trips, skiing, sporting events, movie theatres, school lunches, and just eating on-the-go.

And, the Lava Bar virtually self-seals, so it doesn't spill.The Lava Bar tastes delicious over ice cream or fresh fruit, and it makes great coffee mocha, milk shakes, chocolate milk and hot chocolate too.

Source: lava-bar.comAdded: 24 April 2007