Boxfish bionic car

The Mercedes-Benz bionic car: Streamlined and light, like a fish in water - economical and environmentally friendly thanks to the latest diesel technology.

The Mercedes-Benz bionic car, a concept vehicle based on examples in nature, in which DaimlerChrysler has also transferred the diesel engine technology of the future to a fully functioning and practical car for everyday use.

For the first time in the case of the Mercedes-Benz bionic car, theengineers at the Mercedes-Benz Technology Center (MTC) andDaimlerChrysler Research looked for a specific example in nature whoseshape and structure approximated to their ideas for an aerodynamic,safe, spacious and environmentally compatible car. In other words, thiswas not a matter of detailed solutions but of a complete transfer fromnature to technology – a first.

Source: wwwsg.daimlerchrysler.comAdded: 21 May 2007