Boeing 747-8 with bowed wings

The Boeing 747, workhorse of the jumbo jet fleet since 1968, hasundergone a radical redesign from Boeing, giving it these odd-lookingbowed wings that add to its aerodynamic efficiency. The updated planeis dubbed the 747-8, represented here in these 3D renderings fromBoeing.

The upturned wings resemble those of Boeing's upcoming 787Dreamliner, a super-efficient design that's been exceeding thecompany's sales expectations thus far. The 747-8's new wings, alongwith quieter and cleaner-running jet engines, make it moreenvironmentally friendly because it will burn a lot less fuel, with acorresponding reduction in exhaust. Expect the first freighter versionsof this plane to be rolled out in 2009, with passenger versions tofollow

Source: blog.scifi.comAdded: 13 July 2006

Tags: aerospace