Fresh and frozen gourmet baby food

While organic and gourmet baby food aren't new, they've mostly beenlimited to jarred varieties. Start-ups in two categories are wideningthe options for parents who want to feed their infants something fresh,but don't have the time or talent to prepare their own gourmet purées.They also provide inspiring examples for entrepreneurs interested incatering to this niche.

First, there's the refrigerated, prepared foods section. Followingthe lead of fresh convenience foods for adults, companies like Swedish Gapaare focused on creating fresh, healthy and tasty foods for tiny people.Gapa, which is Swedish for open your mouth, is conservative-free andsold in cheerful containers in Sweden's second largest supermarket, aswell as in four trendy restaurants, a smart move for reaching parentswho enjoy taking their babies out for dinner.

Gourmet, ready-made baby food also extends to the frozen food aisle, where inspiration can be found from Mom Made, Plum Organics, Happy Baby and NummyNums, all offering food that's organic and flash-frozen, locking in flavour and nutrients.

Source: springwise.comAdded: 2 July 2007