Free insurance with suitcase

In case style and craftmanship weren't enough to lure in suitcase shoppers, customers who purchase luggage from Carpisastores in Italy during a special year-long promotion get an unusualperk-insurance for their bags against any loss by any airline worldwide.

The company is partnering with Italian-based insurance providerAurora Assicurazioni for this co-marketing initiative, which began inMay of 2007 and will run until May 2008. Customers who purchase aCarpisa bag during that time have 30 days to activate their year-longinsurance policy, which will reimburse them the cost of their suitcaseif lost from the time bags are checked by airline personnel untilbaggage claim, provided the loss is properly reported and the bagsdon't turn up in the airport's lost and found office. Policies can beactivated either by mail or fax, and the contracts will cover thepurchase cost, up to EUR 119 per bag.

Source: carpisa.itAdded: 17 July 2007