Liquid Shell

Liquid Shell is the name of a patented protective treatment for the application on a leather support, deposing on it a thin layer of an opportune polymer. The application of the Liquid Shell treatment allows a marked increase in the leather properties, bringing to excellent resistance to abrasion, to UV-A and UV-B ray, good resistance to acid and alkaline sweat, to flammability.
All these improvements in the physical and mechanical properties are performed preserving the flexibility and the softness of the natural support, enriching the product by an excellent lightness. The final product combines the great aesthetic effect with an effective performance increase. The treatment, therefore, allows the use of thinner substrate layer, bringing to an increase in the flexibility and elasticity.
The tenacity, tear and salinity resistance of the Liquid Shell treated leather makes it an ideal material for extreme sports and suggests its use in the marine environment, where the surfaces are usually subjected to wear and thermal range.

Source: gzespace.comAdded: 19 October 2007