Transparent or opaque glass

SGG PRIVA-LITE® is a laminated glazing comprising two sheets of glass, either clear or tinted, and a liquid crystal film. The LC film and the glass panes are assembled by means of two interlayer films.The polymer and the liquid crystals are encapsulated in the LC film. Both faces of the film are covered with a transparent, electrical conductive coating. Both conductive coatings are connected to a flat electrical busbar, which is fixed on one of the large edges of the glass, a few millimetres from the edge of the glass. These busbars connect the glazing to the power supply (transformers provided). When the glass is switched off from its special power supply, the liquid crystals are randomly scattered and diffuse light in all directions.In this state SGG PRIVA-LITE® is translucent and prevents both sides from seeing through the glass.

Source: sggprivalite.comAdded: 12 June 2006