A chip in a car which calls the rescue service in case of an accident


eCall is an electronic safety system in your car that can automaticallycall emergency services if you have an accident! Even if you areunconscious, the system can inform rescue workers of your exactwhereabouts. As a result, crucial response time is saved because theambulance and the fire brigade can be on their way without the need forany human intervention. If eCall was available in all cars, 2500 livescould be saved in the European Union every year.

TheeCall-system is currently being rolled out across the EU. It is one ofthe most important road safety actions under the European Union's"e-safety" initiative. eSafety seeks to improve road safety by applying"intelligent" safety systems based on advanced electronic technologiesto road vehicles.

Source: 6minutes.beAdded: 29 November 2007