Adidas intelligent football

The officialmatch ball of the tournament, adidas Teamgeist II, features a newtechnology designed to assist the referee's decision in determiningwhen and if the ball has crossed the goal line, making it the mostaccurate football ever produced. While it may seem an extravagant useof technology to determine accurately something which rarely comes intoquestion (with one or two goals per team per side, and a net to catchthe balls when they have crossed the goal-line, this technology willonly make a difference once in every several hundred games), the entireCairos system which supports this technology is capable of tracking theball and all player movements in real time. Our money is on the fullblown Cairos technology eventually being adopted at the elite level,partly because it would further human understanding of human physiologyand the tactics of the complex game of soccer (player movements andcondition can be tracked in real time), but mainly because the eyecandy information graphics that can be generated from the goldmine ofdata - the power of television and its quest to add uniqueness to itscoverage will spawn the adoption of the entire Cairos system.

Source: gizmag.comAdded: 19 December 2007