Electrolux Ergorapido

The 2 in 1 is a cyclonic and rechargeable cleaner with a detachablehandheld unit. Ergorapido is equipped with a flexible super slim turbobrush nozzle for picking up stubborn fibres and the double joint allowsfor easy manoeuvrability 90 ¢ around the furniture. The handheld unitcan be detached easily and used for quick pick-ups. It has anintegrated crevice nozzle which extends for reaching all awkward areas.

EmptyingErgorapido is so easy because it has quick empty front lid, whichallows you to easily pour out the dirt without first having to removethe dust cup. The Ergorapido also has an evacuation lid, which enablesyou to empty the dust cup and clean the filter with a normal vacuumcleaner. Simply dock the hose end of the normal cleaner into the socketof Ergorapido and the dirt is instantly sucked out and the filtercleaned. This is a simple and hygienic solution without any mess.

Ergorapidohas 2 power settings enabling you to clean both carpets and hardfloors, and a full charge can clean up to 18 minutes. It can be storedeither as a freestanding unit or mounted to the wall, whichever givesyou the easiest access.

Source: electrolux.beAdded: 21 February 2008