Vegeterian Fast food

YellowSunshine, whichhas been operating in Berlin for a few years features a vegetarian and vegan food menu, from veganmuffins to the "Miss Piggy Burger" faux pork chops on a bun.

In Boulder, Colorado, V.G. Burgers has been selling organic fast-food since 2006. V.G. is strictly vegan:no animal-derived products of any kind are used in their burgers, sidesor shakes. Their 'green' ethics extend beyond their food offerings,too. The restaurant runs on wind power, and all containers areplant-based and biodegradable: cups, straws and salad containers aremade from corn, the cutlery from potato starch, and the soup and burgercontainers from sugar pulp.

As more consumers begin to grasp the environmental impact of eatingmeat and move towards a (semi) vegetarian diet, opportunities will nodoubt expand for entrepreneurs who can serve up guilty pleasures thataren't quite as guilty.

Source: yellow-sunshine.comAdded: 14 March 2008