Ah, do you remember the times when your fly opened up without your knowledge and people have pointed it out to you and you have nearly died of embarrassment? No? Well I sure do! And this nice lady Lisa Sjövall has created something to solve that problem. And her creation is so obvious that you are sure to wonder why you had not thought of it before and why its not incorporated into pants already. The ZipHolder is basically an elastic loop that fastens to the pull tag on your zipper. When it's done up, the loop is placed around the button on your fly which prevents the zipper from accidentally coming open.In fact it's so simple there's really nothing else to say about it, so to fill out this post here's a collection of euphemisms for your fly being open. You can get the ZipHolder from SmartaSaker for about $6.40. Now you can finally go out there feeling safe in your pants

Source: newlaunches.comAdded: 13 May 2008