Crispy pizza's from microwaves

Many people have a "love-hate" relationship with their microwave --they love the reduced cook times and quick reheat features, but theywould like the ability to brown or crisp foods and they would like abroader variety of microwavable products. Consumers are about to getwhat they wish, thanks to a new packaging technology developed byGraphic Packaging International. The packaging, called Quilt Wave(TM),has laminated cells, or "quilts," which expand when exposed tomicrowave energy and come into contact with the food product. This hotsurface immediately next to the food drives away moisture and createsboth maximum browning and crisping.
The advantages of QuiltWave(TM) packaging include: generating high heat to crisp and brownmany food products, including sandwiches, hand held entrees, pizza, andfinger foods; dissipating heat quickly, so it's not hot to the touchand is very safe to handle and can be used as a cooking utensil to heatthe food, and consumers can eat from the package its convenienceappeals to our "grab and go" society.

Source: pcquote.comAdded: 13 May 2005