Moisturizing Beauty Proportion

For women, having good circulation and a nicely moisturised skin is now as easy as having a cold drink. House Foods' Moisturizing Beauty Proportion is a beauty drink with 30% fruit juice and functional ingredients. While drinks with ingredients that are beneficial to the skin are fairly common in Japan, this one is not just formulated with collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid, which are all components of dermis, but they also occur in the same ratio as they do in human skin (4,000mg, 80mg and 5.3mg, respectively). This may, presumably, give consumers more confidence in the drink, as it seems to have a scientific base for the formulation. The drink is muscat grape and aloe flavoured and comes in a conveniently portable slim aluminium bottle.Ingredients:Apple juice concentrate, muscat juice concentrate, pork collagen, erythritol, elasitn, konjac extract, aloe arborescens, salt, acidifier, thickener (pectin), vitamin C, flavour, emulsifier, hyaluronic acid, sweetener (acesulfame k, sucralose), part of the ingredients contain gelatinNutrition:Per pack (100ml): energy 35kcal, protein 5.6g, fat 0g, carbohydrate 6.1g, sodium 10mg, vitamin C 100mg, collagen peptide 4,000mg, elastin 80mg, hyaluronic acid 5.3mg.

Source: gnpd.comAdded: 3 August 2006