Pedal lighting system that uses energy storage technology

Pedalite is the first integral lighting system for bicycles. Pedalite requires no batteries as the cyclist is the source of energy. Even when the cyclist is stationary or free-wheeling, Pedalite's unique energy storage system ensures that the high-efficiency LEDs remain flashing for up to 12 minutes. These LEDs provide a 360 degree warning signal to the motorist.

Unlike any other lighting system on the market today, Pedalites, once fitted to a bicycle, are activated and energy is stored automatically by the action of pedalling.

Pedalite provides pulses of white light to the front, red to the rear and amber to the side.

The Pedalite principle is to convert mechanical energy intoelectrical energy from the movement of the pedal spindle. The spindledrives a micro-generator (dynamo) in each pedal producing enough energyto illuminate the coloured LED's in each pedal. The energy storage technology eliminates entirely the need for any form of battery.

Source: pedalite.comAdded: 2 December 2005